Monday, April 21, 2008


Another Random post. You're all shocked aren't you? We're home today because Amelia had a fever last night. She slept a ton and seems better this morning. Not sure what was going on with her, but after a long nap yesterday, and sleeping 13 hours last night, she is fine now.

Anthony is doing well. He is doing great with a mix of formula and breast milk. He is sleeping better and he's generally happier over all. Makes me know that I made the right choice giving him formula too. I am having a hard time convincing Amelia to not feed him food. She is trying to feed him some corn flakes as I type this. Be right back.

Okay I'm back now, crisis averted. The funny thing is he usually loves whatever she tries to feed him. He gets so mad when I take it away from.

Oh and since you all already know I'm kind of obsessed with buying a house, I thought I'd share about a cool place I found for homeowners. It's called directbuy. They actually were talking about the company on the news the other night. This woman wanted to redo her kitchen, but didn't have the $60,000 to get the dream kitchen that was shown in her first quote. So she joined directbuy, and saved a fortune on her cabinets. She also ordered everything herself, and bid out the installation to different installers. She got the exact same kitchen for $20,000. It was a beautiful kitchen!! You can't buy online from this company, you have to go to the store, and you have to pay a hefty membership fee, but it sounds like it's really worth the cost.

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Undercover Mother said...

Make sure you go online first and read other people's experiences with Direct Buy. Hubby and I did when we heard about it last year. I think, unless you have a TON of money to spend on LOTS of stuff, then it's not worth it. We have an entire 1913 Craftsman to redo, but we have to do things a little at a time, in our budget, so it's not for us.