Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Digital Picture Frames

It's the picture frame of the future!

I found a new product that I think is pretty cool. It’s the digital picture frame. It’s just like a regular picture frame, but hi-tech. Here’s how it works. First, you take photos with your camera. That’s easy, right? Then you put your memory card from your camera into the digital frame. The frame can also be hooked up to a USB cable. Next you use the included remote control to select your slide show. It’s that simple! You can even play videos. The digital frames also have speakers and a headphone jack so you can have sound with your slideshow.

One frame can hold multiple photos, so you can display lots of your favorite pictures in one place. You can also switch pictures as soon as you take a new picture, no waiting for film developing or getting pictures printed. You can change pictures as your moods change, and you can use this product in any room in the house. Go check out and see their lcd digital photo frames.

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