Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trip to L&D

We had our first trip to Labor and Delivery on Sunday. I hadn't felt great for a few days, and had been running a fever. I called the advice nurse, she said they don't do patients over 20 weeks pregnant, so she transferred me to L&D. When I was talking to the nurse I realized I hadn't felt the baby move much that morning, so they said to come in and they'd figure it all out.

So after 2.5 hours of monitoring, a pee test, a blood test and an ultrasound they sent me home. They decided I have an infection, so I got antibiotics, was told to drink lots and lots of water, and sent on my way. The doctor who saw me did the ultrasound, she commented that the baby is head down and very low, pressing on my bladder. Yeah thanks lady, I could have told you that based on the fact that 10 minutes after I pee, I have to go again.

After L&D I was starving so we went to eat. The kiddo promptly threw up all over the table. Nice! We got our food to go, took the kiddo home and I did my best to sit on my butt all day. The kiddo went from seeming really sick and grouchy, to just fine in about an hour. Not sure what her problem was, but she hasn't thrown up since.

I think the antibiotics have kicked in and I'm starting to feel better. I've got more energy, and don't feel the need to sleep all the time. I guess I didn't realize how krappy I felt until this morning when I started feeling better.

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