Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm tired...

...of being pregnant.
...of not being able to sleep all night.
...of being exhausted all day, fighting to stay awake.
...of being totally exhausted and still trying to entertain a 2 year old without plopping her in front of the TV all day.
...of the cat running around the house like spaz all night. (Even if cat's are nocturnaland should be up all night, it's still irritating.)
...of my dear sweet hubby leaving stuff out and then getting mad at me that Amelia gets into it. I'm sorry that bending down to put things away in the childproof cabinets is too much for you.
...of my feet being swollen.
...of having to go to the hospital 2x a week for NST's.
...of doing laundry. I did 4 loads yesterday.
...ofmyspacebarnotworkingthefirsttimeIpushit. I don't like having to stop after every word to hit the space bar again.
...of having hardwood floors. I thought I would love them, but I hate them.
...of living in Southern California. I love my friends, I love my hubby, and I even love our little home,(except the hardwood floors!ha) I just don't like SoCal so much. And I probably never will. And that's okay.
...of all the stuff in our house that we don't use, but we have to keep. Why do we hold onto things we don't need and will never use? I'm very quickly getting over holding onto random krap because it belonged to someone who is long gone. Do they really sit up in Heaven or wherever we go after this life, and think, "hey!! don't you dare get rid of that gold plated butter dish!!" I'd rather have room for my kids to play, and for us to find our own things we love, so we can pass them onto our children and guilt trip them into keeping them forever. HA!

I should do this kind of post in the middle of the night more often. Just a little venting about random krap that really doesn't matter and I feel so much better! :-)I just get it out of my system and I can let it go.

It's not even 5 yet, maybe I can go snuggle my hubby and get an hour of sleep before the kiddo wakes up.

1 comment: said...

This was an adorable post, though I am sorry that you aren't feeling so hot. The last bits of pregnancy is the time to be super aware or things that irritate and hypersensitive to things you want to change. Oh, I remember! Hugs to you! Soon it will get a bit better because you'll be so sleep deprived, you'll be too tired to be irritated. :-)

It does get better! ;-)