Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's working!

I've been lucky so far with this pregnancy, that I haven't had to take Amelia to any appointments, up until today. I packed everything I could think of to entertain her in case we had a long wait. There were grapes, and crackers, and water, along with crayons and books and toys. Basically a miniversion of a daycare ceneter all crammed in my diaper bag. Much to my amazement it went very well. My OB was on time (as usual which I love!) and was great with Amelia. While she talked to me, she had the coloring book in her lap and Amelia stood next to her coloring. It was great. We talked about the baby for 3 minutes, then listened to the heart beat. Amelia was fascinated with the little machine for the heartbeat. Once the doctor found the heartbeat, Amelia said "Oh good mommy, your tummy's working!. Go home now?" I love my kid. :-)

Then we talked about how to get Amelia to poop on the potty. Still no luck with that. I start Non stress tests this week, and go see my doctor again in 4 weeks. We should schedule my c section at that appointment.

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