Monday, March 10, 2008


The weight loss has started again. I had a decent loss this week. It's about friggin time. I'm sure the fact that I drank a lot of water and exercised helped. I'm still trying to decide about joining the gym. I really want to do it, and we can afford the monthly payment. I'm just not sure about finding the time in the evenings. Anthony can go to child care once he is 6 months old, but it's $3 a kid each time. So for me to go 3x a week would be $72 a month. That's kind of a lot. Right now I'm just doing my videos and using my hand weights.

So my mom and Grandma are coming to visit this week. I'm excited! We're going to see my Mom's Dad, whom I have only met once. I'm working on laundry and cleaning up the house today. Did I mention yesterday how much I love the new vacuum? Yup, I'm pathetic. I'm also going to start listing some excess junk on eBay. Hopefully it will help me get some more junk out of this house.

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Slovebunny said...

Yea happy your losing weight again.
Was wondering why you dropped off our challenge!