Sunday, March 23, 2008

The spider bit me and flew away!

Amelia got her first bee sting today ( at least I think that's what it was.) She and her friend were playing in the back yard. Amelia came running in screaming and trying to wipe her hand on me. I asked what happened and she said the bug bit her. So then I freak out because we have some nasty spiders around here (black widows, brown recluses, you get the idea.) I asked Amelia and her friend what kind of bug it was and I got blank stares. We tried to get the kids to show us where it happened, and they kept showing me the welt on her hand. LOL When I asked what happened her friend said, the spider bit her, and then it flew away. Looking at the wound we decided it was a bee sting and she has been fine all afternoon and evening.


The Mulleneaux Family said...

Oh, thankfully that is good! lol. That is too funny on them not knowing, icky spiders though!!

Jen said...

Oh, poor baby!

Tiara said...