Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday night ramblings

The kids are sick, so our weekend wasn't too exciting. I was up all night last night with my little sickies so we missed a birthday party we were supposed to go to today. I feel bad because I totally flaked. I think I'd had about an hour of sleep by the time the party started.

I got a new vaccuum today though, how sad is it that that was my biggest excitement? LOL

There is a new show on the History channel that started tonight. It's called Axmen. It's about loggers in rural Oregon. Right by where I grew up. It's on right now, it's kinda cool to watch, makes me a little homesick, there sure aren't forests like that in the OC. We don't get rain like that either. :-)

One thing I don't miss is sharing the roads with logging trucks. It can be pretty scary and people end up needing the truck accident lawyer.

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Unknown said...

I didn't quite get it . What was with the Truck Accident Lawyer