Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My new favorite website

I can't believe it's 7:20 and my kids are still asleep!

So my new favorite website is paperbackswap.com. I don't have much time to read these days, but I am starting to have little bits of free time (like right now!) when I could read for a few minutes. I am not one to reread a book 37 times, but I have a hard time with the library, since sometimes it takes me longer to read a book than they think it should. So for a while, I just didn't read much anymore. But recently I have rediscovered paperback swapping. You register all of the books you have to trade on their website. You get a few credits just for signing up, and then you get a credit for every book you send out. So someone will see a book they want on your "bookshelf." They put in a request and if you agree, you mail it to them. Shipping is around $2. Every time you send out a book, you get a credit to get a book of your own sent to you. For about $2 and a book you're done with, you can have a new book to read. Not to mention there are fewer books getting tossed when people are done with them.

I have a few books coming in the mail to me, one is about raising spirtited children, another has something to do with a condo hotel and the third is a murder mystery. It will probably take me 10 years to read them all but that's okay. At least I know I won't get any library fines!


www.stepherz.com said...

No kidding-- I get too many library fines! March was their "Fine Forgiveness" month, so I returned everything I borrowed and was forgiven from the fines. I think I need to try something new like this-- thank for sharing!

Tiara said...

That's a nifty idea! I love to read but can't seem to spare a minute these days. I thought I had this whole mommy of two thing figured out but I think I need to sit down and reconfigure my time LOL I'm terrible and returning library books on time, this is a great idea thanks for sharing!