Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Saturday

The weekend is here. Amelia and I went grocery shopping this morning. It was nice to get there early and get out. We did great, groceries for the week as well as some Easter stuff for only $60. We eat a lot of fresh produce, and have been averaging $150, so this is pretty good for us. I still have to go to costco, but that's a monthly trip that doesn't come out of my grocery budget.

Amelia is so funny with the things that she wants to add to the cart. She's like any other kid in that she wants to get the Dora fruit snacks ( nope) the Easter Candy (she got one piece) and soda(nope again.) The things that crack me up though are when she tries to buy the "pretty pink things with the flowers on them", which turns out to be a pack of Daisy razors, or when she tries to get me to buy incontinence supplies. Thanks Honey, Mommy doesn't need a diaper just yet. All in all it was a good morning. We came home, Jeff made some breakfast and now all 3 of them are in bed watching cartoons.

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Gosh. $150? I wish I could do it for that cheap. Part of living in a small town is not having a lot of options for shopping though-- and they hike the prices up. Good for you doing it for $150! Just wait until you have teenagers!