Saturday, March 08, 2008


It's been so long since I've see any good movies. I don't even remember the last time I went to a theater. Jeff thinks I hate going to the movies, and watching them at home, but that's not true. I do have a short attention span, but if it's a good movie, I'll watch it! I just don't usually like the kind of movies he does, and he's not going to watch my kinds of movies most of the time. These days it's almost impossible to get time away from the kids to go to the movies anyway. I remember how exciting it was to go when I was a kid, before there was stadium seating and 37 movies at one theater. There are a few movie previews I've seen lately that I actually want to go see! I may have to start leaving my kids once in a while to go to a movie. Or maybe I should get surround sound and install home theater chairs and have my own theater.

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Slovebunny said...

Oh I went and seen Juno I liked it thought it was a good movie.

Seen the Other Boleyn Girl and wow that was great!
Even though it a totally different movie it was awesome for different reasons.

I also went and seen The Spiderwick Chronicles with Steve and well we really had fun watching that movie. Great fanasty movie. It had the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in it.