Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Why does my daughter insist on trying to bathe herself in my bathroom sink? Anytime she is left unattended in a bathroom she feels the need to climb up in the sink, turn the faucet on, plug the sink, and then sit in it. Then she is all wet and since she's usually a little dirty (especially her feet) I end up with little dirty footprints all over the tile in there. With the whole big girl, peeing on the potty thing going on, it's not like I can lock her out of the bathroom. Seriously though, the kid is driving me crazy with the sink stuff! I think she is part fish. Or maybe we just need to bathe her more often. LOL


Di said...

ha ha okay that is funny! I hope you are taking pictures! said...

Bella is the same way-- she loves splashing in the water. She really likes washing the dishes in the sink, so sometimes I'll fill the sink with soap and plastic dishes and hand her a sponge to go at it. It's cute.

I was going to suggest what I've been doing-- put her outside with a cooler full of warm soapy water and some bath toys. She can splash and play in the cooler without getting too wet (and without the mess). But I think I remember you talking about a sand and water table you scored last summer? Maybe that's all she needs to get her H20 fix!