Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I love furniture. Someday Jeff and I will have a huge house in the middle of nowhere that we can fill with beautiful furniture and accessories. Until we win lotto, we have to be content with buying a few wonderful things that we love. We having a dining room furniture set that Jeff loves. It's not my favorite though. I'd love to able to buy a new set from furniturefromhome.com. They have a great selection and great prices. If you're looking for dining furniture or a formal dining room set you should go to their site.

They also have some gorgeous sleigh beds. We recently bought a new king size bed, but haven't gotten a headboard yet. I'd love it if Santa brought me one of the beautiful pieces of furniture from Furniturefromhome.com

I can dream right?

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Amit said...


Did you actually purchase furniture from Furniturefromhome.com? If so, how was your experience with the shipping? I am searching for reviews online, but cannot find any as of now. Thanks.