Friday, October 05, 2007


Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a little bit obsessive about my bank accounts. When I was younger my mom helped me open a checking account. Before doing so, she made sure I understood that since she was on the checking account, that if I screwed up, I probably wouldn't survive. Being young and poor, I had to keep it accurately balanced at all times, for fear that I would screw up, and she would get me. LOL

Well I'm a little older now, and we have a little more money (savings accounts! Imagine that??) Anyway, I am still pretty anal about my accounts. I can usually tell you how much is in our main account to within a few dollars, as well as how much will be in there when everything outstanding clears. I'm pretty sure this drives Jeff crazy. He is more of the spend now, see what's left later kinda person. I will call him and harass him at work "Did you go to such and such for lunch today? Just making sure it's you." (He is awful at remembering to tell me when he uses the bank card. So when I get irritated with him for not telling me, he resorts to using a credit card which irritates me even more.) Getting off track again, sorry, anyway, I know I'm irritating him when he responds that he is still at said restaurant trying to eat that food. LOL

Anyway the point of this whole story is, wait, what was the point? Oh yeah to tell you that I watch our accounts like crazy, if we have extra money, it goes to another account, I don't leave much extra in our checking account. So a few days ago I notice that there is $80 less than there should be. After some researching I find out it's a recurring charge for a gym membership that Jeff canceled a while ago, and we should not be charged any more for it.

Because of this charge our account has $9 in it. I talk to jeff, he says he can't remember anything else he did so it should be okay, we had money coming in the next morning. our account can be at $9 for a few hours right? WRONG! I go in to check the account the next morning, and while the deposit did go through, there was also another debit that went through before the credit. So of course the bank took money from another account. (At least they didn't charge me to transfer funds!) Anytime it goes under $0 they automatically transfer $100. Wanna guess how much negative our account was? 1 cent. My balance was -$.01 Darn it. Why couldn't Jeff have spent 1 penny less on his lunch that day? LOL

Well I've been up for a few hours now, Amelia and Jeff should be getting up soon, maybe I'll try and get some sleep before they all wake up....

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