Sunday, October 21, 2007

As I've said before, I love to write. I love to sit at my computer and just let what's in my head, come out on the computer screen. Since I've been doing blog reviews, I've been getting to write more, which I realy enjoy. It's gives me something to do to occupy my time while I'm supposed to be resting before this baby arrives. There are a few different sites I have found that pay well for blog reviews. My new favorite though is

I can go on the website at any time of day or night and there are reviews available, whether it's naptime or the middle of the night when I have insomnia. I just select what I'd like to write about and then write my review. Within a couple days my review is approved and I know I will be paid for it. The posts pay well too, the highest paying posts I have accepted have come from

I found out about this website from someone else's review of it. I really thought what she was saying about it was too good to be true. It took me a little while to get set up with payperpost, the first review I wrote wasn't a very good paying one. But once I had finished that review and had it accepted, a whole bunch of other great opportunities opened up for me. Now I have no problem finding great paying reviews to write. I think blog marketing is great for anyone who enjoys writing and would like to make a little extra cash.

After I wrote my first few reviews and realized I could make some extra money, I sat down and made a goal for myself. I made our Christmas buying list for the kids and our family members and came up with a budget. My goal was to make enough reviewing blogs to cover our Christmas expenditures. We try really hard to not use our credit cards except in emergencies, and the same goes for taking money out of savings. Thanks to writing blog reviews, I have now made enough money that we can have a pretty nice Christmas without using savings or our credit cards.

Once we get through the new baby arriving and the holidays, I'll come up with a new goal of what I want to do with my extra blogging money. If you could use some extra cash for the holidays, or just need something to do with your spare time, go to and register your blog. It's worth it!

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