Monday, October 01, 2007


Amelia and I were going to go to the zoo today. One of Amelia's friends was going to be there too so I said if I didn't have a NST today we'd go. That was at 7AM or so. By 10 AM I had totally forgotten. Well I didn't forget about the zoo, I just had no concept of time.

I got busy cleaning, Amelia and I vacuumed the bedrooms, cleaned the mirrors in the house, and spent a half hour cleaning mascara off the bathroom mirror. (No cleaners would work on it. I was starting to get worried. Then I tried the obvious cleaner, eye makeup remover, and it worked like a charm.) I also noticed that the fronts of the drawers in our bathroom are pretty grimy looking. To the point that they really just need to be repainted. For whatever reason ( maybe because it's a master and just in the corner of our bedroom?) the sink part of our bathroom doesn't seem to be the right paint for a bathroom. It's a flat paint so get's dirty pretty easily. It's also lavendar so shows everything. I'd love to repaint in there, but I don't want to deal with doing it myself or getting it done. How lazy is that? I may just do some touchup though, repaint the fronts of the cabinets and the drawers since they are so grimy looking. I also need to do some repainting in Amelia's room. When her carpet was put in (a year ago!) they made a mess of the trim around the flooring. It's a little weird because it's just painted the same color as her room, so maybe that's why the trim hasn't held up so well? I wonder if I painted it with some paint that's made for molding if it would hold up better. There is also paint peeling in her room but I don't know how to fix that. There was a border up in there before we moved in. I am guessing that when the painters took down the border, they wall underneath wasn't prepped properly before the room was painted. So all along the walls where the border used to be, the paint is cracking and chipping. It looks awful!

Anyway, so after I finished analyzing paint, I noticed that there were bags of stuff in Amelia's closet, so I went through them, it was baby stuff and stuff from Target that needed to be put away. So I started putting that all away. Then I noticed Amelia was really quiet. I came out to the living room to find her with a box of donuts. She ate a couple bites from each donut. At least she was on the hardwood not on one of the carpets. I took a picture, of her and the mess, I'll have to post it later. So, after I got her all cleaned up, I noticed that it was 11 AM. If we were going to the zoo we were supposed to be there at 10. *sigh* I probably would have been too tired to walk around for long anyway.

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