Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shop till you drop!

I love to shop! Especially when it's online shopping and I don't have to leave my house. I am also always looking for the best deal. I am pretty much a cheap skate so I have definitely been known to spend a few minutes online looking around for coupons or codes so that I can save some money. With Coupon Chief I don't have to hunt all over the internet for codes.

With the baby arriving soon ( we hope! I can't handle being pregnant for much longer) I will not be doing much shopping at the mall for this Christmas. But I still need to buy great gifts for Jeff and Amelia and of course for baby Anthony and his first Christmas! I think the website and it's will really help me find some great deals this Christmas. I can get a great deal on toys for Baby Anthony and his big sister at KB Toys. And I can probably find a new TV for my hubby from Best Buy.

Maybe I can even find a few presents for myself!

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