Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trip to Labor and Delivery Part 1.

Part 1 (Amelia is in bed with me helping me type, so I'm not sure how far I will get on this post before she needs my attention. LOL)

So I never posted much about what happened on Wednesday. I had a check up with my Doctor that morning. Amelia and I go in, and the first thing they have me do is pee on a stick and check my BP. My BP was high and there was protein in my urine. These are both signs of Pre Eclampsia which is something I had with Amelia. So I walk into my appointment and the doctor starts asking how I'm doing, I tell her I feel like krap, and that I'm really swollen. Then she looks at my chart on the computer and says "Your BP is high. You have protein in your urine. Can someone come pick Amelia up now so you can go have the baby?" I was like what? Then she asked if I had eaten breakfast. She then told me they couldn't do the surgery for 8 hours after I had eaten, so I probably had time to go drop her off somewhere and get to the hospital to get hooked up and start monitoring until it was time for the c section.

I called Jeff and Kathy (and most everyone else I knew). Jeff came and met me at home and we got our bags packed and went to drop Amelia off. By this time I am a little nervous, but mostly really happy that I am going to be done being pregnant and have my baby soon!

Amelia needs my attention now, I'll write more about this later on.

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