Monday, October 15, 2007

Most people who know me very well, know I'm not a big fan of George W. Bush. I try not to go on and on about it, because I think most people are starting to see it for themselves by this point, and if not, well then you have bigger problems than I can help you with.

But even for him this is pretty bad.

This was on GMA this morning

Here is another articleon the topic from 2005 when there were already 30 states involved in class action lawsuits against Arnall's company.

It totally makes sense. Thirty states have regulators investigating his company, Ameriquest, for predatory lending we should definitely make him an ambassador to the Netherlands. But then again, he was the Bush/Cheney campaign's biggest contributor. So I guess he deserves some compensation for that. Right?

As of now I think 49 states were involved in the lawsuit, and there are congressional hearings on the matter.

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