Thursday, October 11, 2007

I had another NST today. We left the house at 8 AM, and didn't get back home until 1130. All these appointments are wearing me out!

All was well at today's checkup. Anthony has definitely dropped down lower than he was earlier in the week. Both nurses had a hard time finding him at first. The first one doing the NST moved the belt around all over then moved it way down there. Oh my he's very low isn't he? He's dropped down since you were here Monday! The nurse who the ultrasound said the same thing. She said the cramping and discomfort will probably get worse because he is so low he's putting more pressure on everything. I'm having contractions off and on, but not close enough together to make anything happen. I have an US on Monday to see how big he is, I have a feeling he is going to be a chunk compared to his sister. But then again I think I'm 2 weeks ahead of where they say I am so if that's true, he'll be 41 weeks at the c section.

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