Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Let's play

In my prebaby (and pre marriage as a matter of fact) days, one of my favorite activities was game night. A bunch of us would get together and play all sorts of games. Somewhere in there we would end up playing poker. I don't think we ever really played for money, just chips, but it was still a great time. Once you lost all of your money, you were elimnated. There were also times we'd play for even more important things than money, on one trip to Tahoe we all rented a huge house. We played poker to see who got the best bedroom. The winner got the master bedroom, while the first person out got last pick and ended up on a broken hide a bed.

Now that I'm married, and have a kid and another one on the way, the weekends in Tahoe and the late poker nights don't happen much anymore. But if I had the urge to play poker, I could go check out They have a wide range of online betting facilities. They also allow you to have on wallet and move between games. So if you want to play some poker, or practice some sport betting go get some information from bet365.

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