Sunday, October 21, 2007

Over the river and through the woods...

Next summer Anthony will be old enough to travel and the kids and I will make our annual trek to Oregon to visit all of my family. I have sworn off flying ever again with a toddler, so we will be driving. I actually really enjoy the trip up North. I have always loved to drive and go off on adventures. I'm not sure how much fun it will be with a baby, but that's okay.

Anyway I have decided that this year when we make the trip, we will actually stop along the way and do some touristy stuff, and see some sights that we normally drive right past. Amelia is getting older, and she is starting to enjoy some of those sorts of things.

So as the summer gets closer, I will be using the travel guide at to plan our trip. I can go on that website and see what other travelers have said about trips in that area. I will be able to plan our trip based on other people's reviews, and blogs about travel. I think it will be beneficial to plan my trip based on other travelers reviews.

So far I think we will probably stop somewhere near Mount Shasta, it's a beautiful place and it's a great halfway point. I haven't decided yet where the rest of our adventure will take us.

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