Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I've got lots of stuff going on this week. And, I'm tired.

Yesterday I had a NST. In the morning I started having vertigo really badly. Every time I'd change position I'd feel like I was spinning. So, I mentioned it at my NST and got some flack for having driven myself there that way. Don't know how else I was supposed to get there. Baby was good, although it took him a little longer to finish the test. Not because he wasn't active, but because he was all over the place, they needed him to calm down so they could get his baseline heartbeat. Uh oh, he's already like his sister won't calm down! LOL

So Jeff came and got me from my appointment since they didn't want me to drive. Then he went and picked Amelia up from Kathy's house. It was nice that he was able to take the afternoon off to make sure I was okay, but sometimes it's easier to deal with Amelia and the house on my own. She gets so excited when Daddy is around, that she gets a little wound up. LOL And I still had to make dinner. I think he was home for moral support and to make sure I wasn't going to pass out or something. :-)

Uhoh, Amelia is quiet, I'll be back to post more later.

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