Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Shower time!

I love weddings. It's probably the whole idea of a new adventure. For us, the wedding was a whole new adventure in our life, since we moved to a new area, got married, and started new jobs, all in the course of 2 weeks.

Because we were moving, from The bay area to Southern California, and got married in Las Vegas, there were lots of friends who didn't get to come to the wedding. Most of the girls did come to my surprise shower though. It was so much fun! I wish I had pictures to share, but none of them are saved online. Anyway. I was cruising through a list of review topics this morning and saw one for bridal shower invitations. And I remembered how much fun I had at my own shower, so I took a look at their website. I haven't ordered anything (all of my friends are married already! LOL) but it looks like they have a lot of unique wedding shower invitations. I am all about the cutesy invitations, and thank you cards, and all of that stuff for any event. If you're like me and love that stuff, go check out some of these bridal invitiations from Moz Invitations. (They also have baby announcements which I think I will be ordering!)

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